We climb metaphorical mountains every day. Chris will bring you to the summit of yours and guide you to the landmarks of success.

Chris Waddell on stage during a presentation

Chris helps audiences become champions of their businesses, their worlds and themselves. He has spoken to nearly every industry and kind of audience—from Fortune 500 Companies to non-profits, from sales groups to venture capitalists and engineers.


Recent Posts

Controlled Fall Conversations: Chapter 6 "Shake-A-Leg"

I was determined to do whatever it took to walk out of Shake-A-Leg, but I ended the summer acting on a stage and then racing my first 10k.
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Controlled Fall: Chapter 5 "Returning to School"

It was absolutely great to return to Middlebury College, but I still had so much unfinished business with my recovery.
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Controlled Fall: Chapter 4 "Rehab"

When I left one hospital for another I felt like I'd been locked in prison and couldn't wait to be discharged. My nurse Jim Linehan was a godsend. I returned to college two months after the accident.
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